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Active Shooter Drill - Sep 14 2017

Active Shooter Drill


September 7, 2017

Dear parents/guardians,

On Thursday, September 14, Liberty School will participate in our required annual active shooter drill.  This will be conducted in coordination with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.  The actual drill will begin first thing in the morning around 8:30 a.m. and will probably last about an hour, with a de-briefing meeting with students to follow in the gym for grades 6-12th or in the classroom for grades K-5th grade.   During the drill, representatives from each classroom in grades 6-12th grade, under the guidance of their teacher, will decide whether to remain in a lock down or escape from the building.  This will depend on where the active shooter is located in the building.  These students will meet sheriff’s deputies/school and staff at the bus garage. 

We are trying to make this situation as authentic as we can.  Students will hear gunshot noises to help them understand what that sounds like and to determine if they should stay put or flee.   The noise will be made from blanks fired by a sheriff’s deputy.  The response team will use this time to practice a few training tactics, so they too can learn from this experience on how to respond to incidences in our school building.  (May we never have to do this for real!!!)

Once the drill is over, the students will continue with their school day as normal.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 645-3433.

It will be important for students to understand that we are practicing, just like we do for fires and tornados.   The sheriff’s department has held similar drills at other schools and found this approach to be highly effective.  Please take a few minutes to talk with your child about this.  The classroom teachers will do this, as well.  It’s also a great opportunity to talk to your child(ren) about if they were to run without an adult, where would a safe place be for them to go in the community.   

Thanks so much for anything you can do in advance to prepare the students and address their concerns.  Also, be prepared for them to tell you about the drill and ask questions.


                                                                                                                        Kelle S. Bunch 

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