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Folder Athletics (0 Files)
Folder District Information (14 Files)
Download Bell Schedule
Download Board Meeting Schedule 2017-2018
Download District Immunization Summary 2016-17
Download Free and Reduced Lunch Information
Download Professional Learning Communities
Download Risk Management Program
Download School Calendar 2016-2017
Download School Calendar 2017-2018
Download Search and Seizure
Download Social Networking
Download Stevens Amendment Notice
Download Student Record
Download Teacher Conference Periods 2016-2017
Download Transcript Request Form
Folder Educational Information (4 Files)
Download Chris Koch - Common Core State Standards
Download Chris Koch - ISAT Performance Level Cut Scores
Download Chris Koch - New Growth Model Using Value Tables
Download Chris Koch - New Math and English Language Arts Standards
Folder Information for Parents (8 Files)
Download 5 Essentials Parent Survey Letter
Download Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance Program
Download Disruptive Social Media Apps and Dangers
Download Liberty PLC - 2:00 PM Wednesday Dismissals 2017-2018
Download Preventing and Reducing Incidents of Sexting
Download Student Accident Medical Insurance 2017-2018
Download Teacher Request Letter
Download Underage Drinking
Folder Information for Staff (5 Files)
Download Bus Driver Contract
Download Employee Guide 2017-2018
Download Staff Development Program Policy
Download Teachers Contract 2015-2017
Download Teachers Contract 2017-2020
Folder Information for Students (5 Files)
Download Children`s Online Privacy Protection Act
Download Elementary Student Handbook 2017-2018
Download Jr / Sr Student Handbook 2016-2017
Download Junior High Supply List 2017-2018
Download K-6 School Supply List 2017-2018
Folder Financial (4 Files)
Download Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefit Report - School Year 2015-16
Download Annual Statement of Affairs 2016
Download District Financial Summary Report
Download FY17 Budget - Amended
Folder PARCC Assessment (3 Files)
Download PARCC - Double Testing Application
Download PARCC - Fact Sheet
Download PARCC - Field Test
Folder Report Cards (3 Files)
Download District Report Card 2015-2016
Download Elementary School Report Card 2015-2016
Download High School Report Card 2015-2016