Liberty Community Unit School District #2

Superintendent's Message

Hello!  Welcome to the Liberty School District webpage!   I am thrilled to share with you all the many things we offer our students.  At Liberty Community Unit School District #2, we pride ourselves in providing opportunities to students that help them be well-rounded individuals.  These include academics, sports, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Family, Fellow Christian Athletes (FCA), fine arts, STEM and robotics, coding, Spanish, Special Olympics, E-Sports, and so much more.  Liberty students experience a caring, nurturing environment where everyone feels welcome and part of a solid school family.  The school must be fun, fulfilling, fair, and free of bias and judgment, all within an inviting atmosphere where students are safe and loved.  The school also supports students with their social-emotional needs and educational support so they can “Soar to Excellence.  Every student, Every day!”

Upon looking at our state assessments, one will see that we are doing well.  Even our neighboring school districts have inquired about our success.  However, we continue pushing our students with a better curriculum and teaching.  Our staff participates in various professional development training sessions on multiple topics, instills rigor and leadership in our students, and embraces their talents.  We strongly advocate the concepts taught in the Ron Clark Academy, 7 Habits, PBIS, and the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) training.  Many of our staff have ventured away from the typical instructional practices to be creative and innovative and engage in hands-on problem-solving initiatives. 

We added an outdoor classroom designed and constructed with the help of our students.  We have received many grants, one of which has provided a therapy dog in our school to support students and another grant that has allowed us to be a teaching school for a reading program known as Language for Literacy.  Our students are involved in Action Learning Teams, Houses, learning about kindness, STEM projects, Lego building, fishing, cake decorating, backpacking, and so much more.  You have got to check it out!

Feel free to visit us; you will see that it is great to be an Eagle!

Kelle S. Bunch, Ed. D.
Dr Kelle S Bunch

Vision Statement

Liberty School District will equip the whole student with knowledge, skills, and character to achieve personal success as they "Soar to Excellence."

Mission Statement

Liberty Works! Liberty works to empower ALL in a caring, nurturing environment to develop individuals academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to reach their own Excellence!

Phone Contacts

217-645-5000 - Main Number - all locations

217-645-3241 - Fax

217-645-3433 - District / Superintendent's Office

217-645-3389 - Jr High / High School

217-645-3481 - Elementary

217-645-3263 - Pre-K

217-645-3416 - Bus Garage

Who Do You Call

Who Do You Call for Assistance?
All Area Code 217

Elementary Office                645-3481
Michelle Duke
Jody Obert - Principal

Elementary Counselor        645-5000 ext. 320
Aimee Hannel

Elementary Sp. Ed. Coordinator 645-5000 ext. 306
Krista Tenhouse

Junior High/High School Office        645-3389
Cathy Badgley
LaNiece Primus - Principal

JH/HS Counselor        645-5000 ext. 374
Justin Adams

JH/HS Sp. Ed. Coordinator        645-5000 ext. 314
Katie Stegner

Superintendent’s Office        645-3433
Madelyn Hyer
Sue Lefringhouse
Kelle Bunch - Superintendent

Transportation               645-3416
BJ Fessler     

Hot Lunch Accounts      645-3389
Cathy Badgley

Food Service             645-5000 ext. 373
Laura Damon

Athletic Dir / Dean of Students      645-5000 ext. 313
Dan Sparrow

Library                    645-5000 ext. 375
Crystal Whelan

Maintenance             645-5000 ext. 376
Trent Grotz    

Nurse                    645-5000 ext.317
Denise Lucas

Technology                   645-5000 ext. 333
Michael Smith

Problem Resolution Steps and Chain of Command

This page lists district-level contacts. Contacts for teachers and staff are listed under each school's page linked above.

  • If you have an issue with a staff member, talk to the staff member. If the issue is not resolved, please try again. Sometimes, people think they have solved the issue on the first try.
  •  After talking to the staff member twice, then speak to their Supervisor.  See above for those individuals with leadership responsibility.

  • If there is still no resolution, please get in touch with the building Principal.  The building
  • Principals oversee everything in their buildings, including the curriculum, instruction, schedules, programs (such as Driver’s Ed, vocational classes, band, foreign language, etc.), activities, after-school events, discipline, lunch, recess (if applicable), assemblies, school improvement goals, academic and social-emotional support, and student health/welfare.  

  • Finally, contact the Superintendent if the issue has gone through the above levels and has not been resolved.  The Superintendent oversees the operations and management, finances, grants, human resources, public relations, professional training, and District school board meetings.  

PLEASE NOTE: School Board members oversee the district's policies and operations. They do not resolve day-to-day issues, as that is the responsibility of the administration.

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